"Bass Tournament 2005"

Tournament Chair, Ken Cross, Ferran Services & Contracting

We wish to thank the following for the donation of Door Prizes and Trophies for this event:
Battery Bank, Hughes Supply, CED/Raybro, CES/Rexel, Ferran Services & Contracting and FAEC/CF!

"1st Place"
Dwayne Haga and Ron Rowe - Sinns & Thomas
Display their first place trophies (left) and the Winning Catch (right)!
"2nd Place"
Maribel Massie and Ken Cross - Ferran Services & Contracting
Proudly display their trophies and catch!
"3rd Place"
Dell Massie and Bruce Kern - City of Winter Park
Showing their trophies (left) and catch on the (right)!
"Big Bass"
Mike Armstrong - Morton Electric
With his "Big Bass" trophy (left) and (right) with his winning "Big Bass"