FAEC/CF BBQ June 12, 2009
(L) 2009 Volley Ball Tournament Winners - Tri-City Electrical Contractors
(R) 2009 Volley Ball Tournament 2nd Place Team - Bright Future Electric
(L) 2009 Tug of War Winners - Bright Future Electric
(R) 2009 Tug of War 2nd Place Team - Territo Electric
Thanks go to our FAEC/CF BBQ Chairman and his Committee: Joe Bell, Territo Electric
Event Coordinator: Cheryl DeFilippo, FAEC/CF
Volley Set-Up/Tear Down: Don Stebbin, Palmer Electric
Banner Set-Up/Tear Down, Beverages: JR Blair, Tri-City Electrical Contrs.; Blake Ferguson, Royal Electric of Central Florida
Volley Ball Coordinator: Dennis Jones, Tri-City Electrical Contractors
Basket Ball Coordinator: Joe Bell, Territo Electric, Mike Freiner, Bright Future Electric
Event Support, Set-Up/Tear Down/Cleanup: Chuck Baur, GCA-EMS; Jamie Fugate, FEAT; Craig Eddington, SESCO;
Joe Bell, Territo Electric; Blake Ferguson, Jr., Royal Electric; Mike Freiner, Bright Future Electric; Don Stebbins, Palmer Electric